Joanne Smith Manager, photographer

Joanne Smith manager and chief photographer at Headshots Photography.

Originally from England, I studied hospitality at the University of Wales in Cardiff where I learned the importance of great customer service and developed a solid grounding in business skills. I then had the good fortune to work in the travel industry, spending a decade traveling the globe and leading tours to some pretty amazing destinations. It really was a dream job – but it only got better.

Early in the 2000s, with little formal training, just armed with my love for photography, I began shooting for Headshots. I became instantly hooked. And just like in my travel career, I continued to be inspired by my work and by my customers. I am always delighted to learn new things to improve my craft. My aim is to portray my subjects in the best light and to capture them in the best moment!

Another important goal of mine is to help my clients to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I have found that when the process is fun, the results are fabulous. 

Recently, my portrait work took a leap forward when I partnered with Gittings Photography of Texas – an agency with more than 20 photographers who shoot portraits for law firms with a global reach. I cover New England and other East Coast destinations for them. In the process I have dramatically upped my photography skills by working closely with Gittings’ owner, Greg Lorfing. And here’s the kicker, Greg was strongly influenced by Bachrach Photography, one of the country’s most prestigious and oldest photo studios, rooted right here in Boston.

I love all things outdoors and photographing on the beach or in the mountains is my way of having fun. I especially like working outside – photographing weddings, families, graduates or creative professionals who want a portrait with a more natural feel.  

I hope you enjoy looking through my portfolios. And I look forward to working with you soon when you book with Headshots Photography.