New website, new blog

With the launch of our new website, our old -and rather sad – blog has gone away.  In its place will be a shiny new version with updates about what we are shooting, new products we’re working on, promotions and little gems on how to get the best possible headshot.

We’ll also post about the types of photography we specialize in and why Headshots Photography is the best choice for corporate portraits in New England.

Our focus at Headshots Photography is business portraits, shot either in the studio or on location. We can bring our mobile studio to you and set up to shoot several business headshots in your office.  This makes it convenient and efficient for your associates as they don’t even need to leave their office for a professional studio headshot.

We can also work with your office environment or a stunning window view to personalize your website images.  For example a soft interior or exterior view as the background to the photograph can set your website photography apart from your competition. Take a look at our corporate environmental gallery to see some great examples.

Thanks for looking at our blog – check back often to see what’s new!