Distinctive, high key, professional portraits

Kathy’s goal for the shoot was to get an image that showed her as friendly, professional and accomplished.
She consulted with Susan, of Be Image Consulting, before her photo session to discuss clothing choices.  Kathy sent us some examples of what she was looking for so Susan could hit the ground running to finalize outfits and work on hair and make up.
Jo shot the images using available light from a bank of north facing windows in our Manchester, NH studio. The soft light and the ‘industrial chic’ look of the windows work well for Kathy’s goals for a professional and casual look. And the color of Kathy’s silk shirt works well with the space in creating a modern and clean look.
Our other shot, a slightly more traditional three-quarter shot, easily crops for lots of uses – like a square for a LinkedIn profile picture.  Imagine different size frames on either of these shots. 
The results – distinctive, high key, professional portraits!


Kathy R, career coach, photographed in the studio in Manchester, NH.