Download a PDF of Headshots Preparing for your Shoot

Print out copies and give them to everyone who is going to be photographed.

Preparing for your shoot

  • What does your company require you to wear for a business headshot? Are you looking for business
    formal or a more casual shot?
    To get the most use out of your headshot, consider getting both a formal and casual shot – you are
    welcome to bring a change of clothes to the shoot.
    Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it is clean, well-pressed, and not old or scruffy looking. If you
    buy a new shirt for the occasion, get the fold marks pressed out. You are investing in a great headshot,
    make sure your clothes look as good as they can.
    A headshot just captures your head and shoulders, so neckline is important. A round neck can make your
    neck look shorter and a V neck can lengthen it.
    Try to get a good night’s sleep before your shoot so you look and feel well rested.

  • • If you are wearing a business jacket, go for a simple top underneath, a fussy neckline can be difficult to
    • Colors: Go for a solid color for a strong look, but make sure you choose a color that suits you – ask for
    advice from friends and family ahead of time if you are not sure. Pastels can wash you out, so choose
    • Avoid very busy patterns, as they will take the emphasis away from your face. Make sure you choose
    something that you feel comfortable and confident wearing as that will translate in the image.
    • Jewelry is good but keep it simple. Heavy jewelry can be overwhelming and can date an image
    • Apply make-up as you would normally, but bring it with you for touch-ups, along with any hair products
    you use.
    • If you want a little extra sparkle, I can schedule a hair/ make-up artist to meet us at the studio prior to
    your shoot. The fee for hair and make up is $125 for a standard shoot, and $200 for an extended


  • • If you plan to wear a shirt and tie, make sure the shirt is not worn and fits well, a tight collar will look
    awkward. Bring a choice of ties if you are not sure which you like best.
    • A white shirt can be hard to photograph, especially if it’s paired with a black jacket – try and select
    tones that are a bit closer in range. A blue, yellow or pink shirt can work well with a colored tie.
    • If you need a haircut get it a week before the shoot if possible, to avoid that ‘just trimmed’ look.
    • If you are coming in the afternoon and tend to have a heavy shadow, feel free to bring shaving
    supplies, as you are welcome to use our bathroom.